In the digital age, how has visual culture diversified and influenced the presentation of physical presentation of photography? How does circulation of images via social media affect the experience of an exhibition? Is it still relevant to distinguish between video and photography, and what can we do with digital negatives? 

This is a story about unique photographer – Vivian Maier, who left the heritage of 150 thousands works! Today was the day of the book premiere, written by Christina Hesselholdt, titled Vivian.

Winners of previous years’ ShowOFF Sections have once again arrived in Krakow! This time, you can see their works being a part of the SLAVICA exhibitionin the Galeria Szara Kamienica until 22 April. Among the artists, whose works are presented at the exhibition curated by Katarzyna Oczkowska, we can see the project by Irenka Kalicka: It's Hard[...]

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Sight remains the most important sense. It is the sense which is separated from the body, freed from bodily limits, and spreading – in technological societies – its hegemonic presence freely.