Theories & Practices of Seeing

National Interdisciplinary Conference

(1-3 June 2018, Cracow)


Sight remains the most important sense. It is the sense which is separated from the body, freed from bodily limits, and spreading – in technological societies – its hegemonic presence freely. The looking eye establishes our ways of thinking and cultural schemes, and leads to all kinds of exclusions. It doesn’t, however, mean that we are doomed to an uncritical dependence on sight. Quite the opposite – ocularcentrism with its rationality forces us to manifest resistance (even by closing our eyes or falling asleep), and then to use this advantage in such forms of opposition which can help us regain other senses or the whole corporeality in general, often perceived as a virtual object. The word “perception” makes us think of sight, but in its original meaning it signifies an ability linked with all sensual experiences. Critical studies on our imaging postulated by Wolfgang Welsch can be the first step to a new way of thinking about position of sight in our culture.


We invite you to take part in an interdisciplinary conference “Theories & Practices of Seeing” (1-3 June 2018 in Cracow). During our conference we want to create an experimental space connected with sight where theories will find their practical realizations and where practice will seek theoretical approaches. Our conference will take the form of workshops where the lecturers and participants will work on their topics within the following panels:

  1. Female and male gaze
  2. Pornography and objectification
  3. Mediatized gaze
  4. Corporeality of seeing
  5. Perception of space
  6. Criticism of ocularcentrism


There will be three lecturers in one panel. Every lecturer should prepare an introduction to their issue (time: 15 minutes) which will show it from various perspectives and create a field of research in which the lecturer will work with the participants. In this way the lecturers will be the leaders of the discussion and group work. The aim of this kind of research is changing the way of producing knowledge towards one that is more community-based.


Please send your application form (name, subject proposal, abstract of 1000 characters) until 15th April 2018 to


Participation fee for lecturers – 200 PLN.


The conference “Theories & Practices of Seeing” is a part of the Krakow Photomonth 2018 accompanying events program.





„Fragile” cultural magazine publishing house

Fundacja Kultura Obrazu



Jagiellonian University in Cracow

University of Silesia in Katowice



Maciej Topolski (Jagiellonian University in Cracow)

Joanna Gil (Jagiellonian Universityin Cracow)

MiłoszMarkiewicz (University of Silesia in Katowice)



prof. Anna Łebkowska (Jagiellonian University in Cracow)

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