PHOTO MATCH: PORTFOLIO REVIEW 2020 – we announce the final list of participants!

The 20 reviewers invited by both festivals, Fotofestiwal Lodz and Krakow Photomonth, will meet 20 participants, selected from 250 submissions, in the virtual space very soon during the online portfolio review. Below you will find the final list of the participants. Thank you for all submissions, congratulations to the winners and fingers crossed for successful meetings with the reviewers! 

Participants of the PHOTO MATCH: PORTFOLIO REVIEW 2020 / online edition:

  1. Martyna Basta
  2. Marta Bogdańska
  3. Brave Boy Studio
  4. Sebastian Collet
  5. Ines Fernandes
  6. Norberto Fernandez Soriano
  7. Dominika Jackuliakova
  8. Magda Jaroń
  9. Xue Jiang
  10. Garry Loughlin
  11. Alisa Martynova
  12. Paulina Metzscher
  13. Monika Orpik
  14. Olimpia Piccolo
  15. Ela Polkowska
  16. Filip Preis
  17. Vito Sardone
  18. Agnieszka Sejud
  19. Masha Svyatogor
  20. Michael Swann

All selected participants will be contacted for more details soon.


PHOTO MATCH’s model breathes new life into the traditional formula of portfolio reviews through placing a special emphasis on the series of open networking events, public presentations and an equal status granted to the reviewers as well as all artists. It has been developed for the last 3 years by Fotofestiwal in Łódź and in 2020 has it’s absolutely unique edition – prepared online along with Krakow Month of Photography, inviting magazine editors, publishers, curators, gallery owners, independent consultants and artists from all over the world.

PHOTO MATCH: PORTFOLIO REVIEW 2020 / Online edition will take place on August 7th 2020.

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