SAVE THE DATE! We know the date and program of this year’s Krakow Photomonth festival!

For the first time in the biennial formula, for the first time in June! Here is the first announcement of this year’s edition Krakow Photomonth Festival!


SAVE THE DATE: 27–30/06/2024


From this year on, the festival will be held every two years, in even-numbered years. Thanks to this we have more time for thinking and carefully planning subsequent editions.

We have postponed it by a month – the festival will start on the last weekend of June (27–30/06/2024).

Below is a shortened list and the shortest possible descriptions of what we are preparing for you.

  1. Central exhibition

-> AFROTOPIAS (curatorial team: Amy Muhoro, Malaika Nabilla, Witek Orski)

Afrotopias is a project that, through the work of selected artists from more than a dozen East and West African cultures, talks about universal issues from the perspective that is still little known in Europe: about an ever- evolving visual sensibility, about attitudes to one’s own customs and cultural practices, about the difficulties of forming gender and sexual identities in traditional societies, about the paradoxes of contemporary capitalism, about relations with nature in the face of climate catastrophe, about a sense of melancholy in times of global uncertainty and chaos.

The “Afrotopias” exhibition will be accompanied by a number of meetings, debates and a film program aimed at deepening the issues raised in the exhibition, educating and creating a space for cultural exchange and cooperation with the African diaspora in Poland.

  1. ShowOFF Section

Six individual exhibitions selected in an international competition:

-> Angelika Gad (curator: Agnieszka Sadowska) will greet us with humor, but also with great sensitivity from her home village.

-> Marta Wojnarowska-Olszewska (curator: Robert Kuśmirowski) tenderly observes the illness and changeability of a loved one, but also gives back the place of photography as a literal medium of memory.

-> Yehor Lemzyakoff (curator: Rob Bremner) combines documentary photography with fashion and sociological observation on the outskirts of city life.

-> Gabriela Marciniak (curator: Elisa Medde) immerses herself in the spaces of sanatoriums to feel the peace flowing from a retired state of mind.

-> Marta Zdulska (curator: Piotr Niepsuj) will invite us to an experiment in which we will be able to work together to create a zine and an exhibition.

-> Yasmin Nebenführ (curatorial team: Daniel Muzyczuk, Agnieszka Pindera) analyzes the disintegration of the image – in the space between conservation treatments and the effects of entropy.

  1. FRINGE Section

A platform for the exchange of knowledge and energy and an exhibition presenting the most interesting projects of students of leading Polish art universities:

-> Film School in Łódź

-> University of Arts in Poznań

-> Academy of Art in Szczecin

-> Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź

-> Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow

-> KEN University in Krakow

  1. A Photomonth in Łódź, Fotofestiwal in Krakow

We cultivate friendship with our favorite festival – Fotofestival in Łódź – by presenting exhibitions of two artists:

-> Tomek Kawecki, winner of ShowOFF in 2021 with a new exhibition and book „In Praise of Shadow”

-> Michalina Kacperek with the „Soft Spotģ project, a fragment of which we presented at Fringe two years ago

  1. Guest Section

Several dozen proposals from friendly institutions, including Museum of Photography, Academy of Fine Arts, Pedagogical University, Art Fair Cracow and numerous private galleries.


And that’s not all!


SAVE THE DATE: 27–30/06/2024


Illustrations: Kiboko Kamau & Pilar Rojo

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