Hello! It’s Zdulsky here – zine-making workshops

Zine-making workshop with Zdulsky – your works will become part of the Photomonth exhibition.

June 24-28 2024

Apteka Gallery, Cracow


Hello! It’s Zdulsky here.

Let’s do it like this – you bring your stories, your worries, your issues, but mostly your photos. And together we turn them into zines. You choose what you want to tell the world about. Whether you find the materials for this workshop in the darkest corner of your phone, in your sister’s notebook or your grandma’s photo album, it’s fine. Everything is up to you! Is it going to be easy? I have no clue. You will have to cope with yourself. Let’s turn logical reality into magical fiction, or the other way around – mess into truth. Later, during Krakow Photomonth festival, we will turn these publications into an exhibition. Who would have ever thought?

We are waiting for your submissions between June 8th and 21th. The doors are open for everyone, whether photography is your profession or you take photos for yourself – for fun, for a shoebox, for their mums, or for any other reason. The only rule is to keep it real.

I call the final product a zine – because it’s DIY (do it yourself a.k.a. self-made). Even if the final product might or may not be a canonical copied and stapled booklet, we can also use stuff cut out from anywhere or found in flea markets. We can draw on it or write too. So maybe it’s more like something between a zine, diary, scrapbook, and family album… I don’t know.

When and where?
We start on June 24th and end on June 28th. I invite selected people to work together in groups of several people. Apteka Gallery at ul. Józefińska 43 in Cracow will be our studio, where you will find a lot of unique art materials that will turn your projects into zines or mini books. Bring photos, clippings, graphics, and nicknacks that are important for the story you want to tell.

Application form here >>> link


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