Krakow Photomonth Festival once again invites all photographers and photography enthusiasts to cooperation. Become #wolomfk and join our team which creates one of the biggest photo festival in Europe! Apply until the February 29th.

Joining #wolomfk allows you to meet incredible people who love photography and visual arts. Krakow Photomonth Volunteering expands horizons, develops what is creative inside in each of us and gives opportunity to meet photography enthusiasts and world-famous artists. Every year, Photomonth gives a unique chance to develop various skills during the work at the exhibitions production, through the activities improving art and photography knowledge, up to perfecting project managing and organizational abilities. Thanks to this, being a Volunteer at Krakow Photomonth Festival is a time of self-development!

Who can apply?

We are waiting for all candidates who have completed 16 years of age and want to work actively while co-creating the Festival. The only thing you have to do is complete the application form and wait for email with all informations about interview. 

Choose the best volunteering section for you:

> Guests

> Exhibitions and event/touring 

> Distribution

> Production, set-up, technical work

> Festival Centre

> Media: photo/video/blog/Instagram

> Portfolio Review

> Krakow Photo Fringe

> Surveys/Sociology

When do we start?

In April we plan to begin our work in the individual volunteering sections and assign duties. Beginning of May will be the exhibition set-up time. Official Festival opening will take place on May 21st – for nearly five weeks a GREAT things are going to happen! The volunteering ends towards the end of June with disassembly of the exhibitions and closing party. 

Do you want to know more? Take a look here.

Join #wolomfk! We are waiting for your application until February 29!

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